What kind equestrian property can place an advert?
Only professional property owners can complete the registration form and post adverts.
By professional, we mean people with experience of the equestrian world, who operate via a company or an association and who are insured for these purposes.
The facilities offered must be adequate to receive horses in comfort and safety.
How do I create my equestrian property’s profile?
In order to create your profile, click on ‘’register’’.
There are two options:
  • Connect via Facebook which automatically fills in part of your information,
  • Register by filling out the form (Last Name, first name, email address, mobile number etc.)
To make your advert more attractive, give as much information as possible, and download a profile picture.
How do I post my adverts?
Once you have provided the basic information your advert will appear online.
We suggest using the options available to add detail to your advert.  You can do this by clicking on 'my adverts' in your user account.
It's important to pay attention to detail when creating your adverts so as to provide a maximum of details about your property.
Information to communicate:
Giving detail about your property, or the services you offer whether it is for a stable, yard, or paddock will help search for the rider's profiles that correspond the best.
We suggest you highlight the following points:
  • Size of your stables, yards, or paddocks
  • Type of horse bedding
  • Access to the facility
  • Opening hours of your facilities
  • If it is an ad for stable: is there a paddock or field available too?
  • Internal rules (i.e. wearing helmets)
You can also add more useful information by selecting the characteristics of your adverts as well as nearby activities and services such as:
  • Hacks and treks
  • Vet
  • Osteopath
  • Nearby restaurant or hotel
Photos give the riders a real feel of your property and will have a considerable impact on their choice of stable.
We suggest you download high quality photos. You can download up to 15 pictures, format .jpeg, .jpg, or .png, with a maximum size of 5Mo.
Ensure they are clear, bright, and show where the horses will be staying.  You can add photos of the stabling, as well as general shots of the property.
Don't hesitate to ask the Staybler Team for help!
Staybler reserves the right to crop, filter, or delete pictures that are not of adequate quality or that could violate Staybler's interests.
Price and availability
It is up to you to fix your booking price and the availability of your stable, yard, or paddock.
You can create several adverts using the tab ‘’New advert’’or ‘’Duplicate’’. You can modify the duplicated advert by changing the accommodation type, characteristics, and services. You can adjust and apply a new price according to the different services offered (stable on shavings, stable on straw, or access to individual paddock…)
Price simulator
This function calculates Staybler’s commission to enable you to adjust your prices accordingly.
You can offer a discount from a certain number of days booked. You can offer several discounts each depending on the length of the stay.
Booking and cancellation policy
In this section, first you can fix the arrival and departure times.  These can be as early or as late as you require.
You can then indicate the minimum and maximum length of stay. This option aims to ensure you a certain number of booked nights.
You need to choose the cancellation policy you wish to apply. You can choose between a flexible or a strict policy (Please refer to our ‘’TERMS AND CONDITIONS’’ for more information).
You can also apply a daily price with respect to a given number of days.
Our automatic calendar enables you to fix different prices for different times of the year: high season (eg. Summer), weeks, weekend, events or shows in your area.
Price Calendar
This calendar provides an overview of all your availabilities (green: available; red: unavailable) as well as which tariff applies to which period. The calendar gives you total flexibility for any changes you make.
Activate or deactivate your ad
You can temporarily  deactivate your advert using the option ‘’ Ad visible’’ on the top left of the web page.
We'll make sure your advert doesn't appear in the search results.
How do I manage a booking request?
Once your advert is online, you will receive detailed booking requests by email and text message from riders interested in stabling their horse at your property.
You have 48 hours to accept or refuse the request. Once validated, the full address of the property is made available to the rider, groom, or transporter.
**We offer a booking system and not instant requests so the property owner can choose what type of horse rider and horses he wants to host.
What happens if I cancel a booking as a property owner?
You have the right to cancel a booking if you wish, but you will be asked to provide an explanation for the cancellation.
Staybler reserves the right to penalise property owners to cancel too frequently. (Penalties include deleting the user account or debiting Staybler’s fee.)
How and when do I receive payment?
You need to provide your full bank details via our secure system.  This information is required only once.
The payment is guaranteed by our platform and your bank details are totally secure.
Once the booking is validated, providing there is no cancellation or objection, your bank account will be credited within 24 hours of the horses' arrival.
**Your bank details are secured by the website (HTTPS/SSL) and cannot be recuperated on the Internet as they are encrypted.  (For further information please consult our TERMS AND CONDITIONS under section Mangopay).
How does the invoicing work?
Staybler creates an invoice for the commission taken between the rider and yourself. You can find your invoices in your user account.
**Attention! Our platform does not provide invoices between the horse rider and the property owner. As an intermediary platform we are not permitted to do this. It is your responsibility provide an invoice to the rider, by hand or by email.
Why must I grade and comment on the rider profile after their visit?
Leaving a reference and giving your opinion is really important!
Thanks to your grading, we can consolidate our network.
Publishing your comments after using our site shows how these exchanges work.
You can only comment at the end of the stay to avoid abuse.
Staybler reserves the right to modify any comments with inappropriate language that could have a negative impact on your profile or our platform.
Do I need to declare this revenue?
Staybler holds no responsibility for the fiscal declarations resulting from this revenue. We suggest you contact the competent authority in this matter.
How do I welcome the riders?
Prepare stables, yards, or paddocks.
Offer clean and comfortable riders' accommodation with easy  access to their horses.
Provide signs to indicate the property.
No investment is required, although you may get more visits or be able to raise your prices if you offer more services.
How do I communicate with riders before they arrive?
You can either greet your guest in person or provide all the necessary information beforehand. You can communicate through our internal mailing system .
Indicate office hours or how they will access the rented stables, yards, paddocks and other facilities on site.
Be available to offer help if necessary. If you are absent, please leave an emergency contact number.
How do I modify or delete an advert?
To modify your advert click on ‘‘my adverts’’ in your user account, make the necessary changes without forgetting to save them!
At any moment you can hide your advert by clicking on the top left button ‘’My ad is visible’’.  Once hidden, your advert will not appear in the search results.
If you want to delete an advert, go to ‘’My adverts’’ and click on the 'delete' button ‘’ of the advert you want to remove.
You can unsubscribe and delete your Staybler account in the section ‘’Settings’’ of your user account.  All your personal information will be deleted.
What happens if a horse is injured during the stay?
In agreeing with our TERMS AND CONDITIONS, for both companies and associations, you are bound by the following:
  • that you are insured to host and accommodate horses
  • that your property is clean and safe,
The rider must also have an accident insurance for their horse.
**As an intermediary platform, Staybler holds no responsibility for any damage to the property or injury to the horses during the stay. For more information, please see our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
How do I create a profile?
You must register on our platform if wish to book via Staybler.  Registration is free of charge.
As riders, grooms, or transporters you can register as an individual or as a professional.
To create your profile, click on ‘’register’’ on the home page.
There are two options:
  • Connect via Facebook that automatically fills out a part of your information,
  • Register by filling out the form (Last Name, first name, email address, mobile number etc.)  
Or you can choose a stable, make the booking request and create your profile before payment.  You will then need to provide the necessary information and accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
We suggest you insert a profile pictures, and provide a maximum of information about yourself and your horses.
How do I look for stabling?
Use the search bar on the home page :
  • Where do you want to travel to
  • Arrival and departure dates
  • Types of stabling– stable, yard or paddock
  • Quantity of stabling required
The search will indicate the choices of stabling available. You can then do an advanced search using filters such as distance, price, date of advert etc.
The price you see is set by the property owner.  It includes the stabling and any available services. 
**Staybler Fees are calculated automatically and displayed before the booking request.
How do I make a booking request?
Once you have selected an advert, you will be able to send a request or a message to the selected establishment.
The property owner will receive an email and text message and have 48 hours to get back to you.
You will receive a reply by email.
How do I pay?
Once the booking request is accepted, the total amount due will be debited from your credit card via Mangopay (please consult our TERMS AND CONDITIONS for more information).
The amount will be transferred to the property owner’s bank account within 24 hours of your arrival.
You can securely add your credit card details to your user account.
If your request is rejected or receives no answer within 48 hours, you will be reimbursed the total amount, including Staybler's fee.
**Staybler ltd. guarantees that your credit card details are encrypted and will not be visible or communicated to any third party. (Please see our TERMS AND CONDITIONS).
What happens if I cancel my booking?
As a rider, transporter or groom you will be subject to the cancellation policy chosen by the property owner (strict or flexible; please see TERMS AND CONDITIONS).
Please note that the cancellation policy does not apply to Staybler’s fee.
Under certain circumstances, the amount can be totally reimbursed. You will have to provide a viable explanation for the cancellation.
How does the invoicing work?
Staybler Ltd. will provide an invoice for the commission taken on the transferred amount.
You can find your invoices in your user account. 
Why do I have to grade equestrian properties?
Leaving your recommendation and giving your opinion is really important!
Thanks to your grading, we can consolidate our network.
Telling us what you think after your visit gives other users an insight into the quality of the facilities.
You can only comment once your stay is over, to avoid abuse.
Staybler Ltd. has the right to modify any comments with inappropriate language that could have a negative impact on your profile or our platform.
Staybler’s confidentiality policy
Staybler is committed to keeping your personal data private and will not reveal any confidential information to a third party (please refer to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS).