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Horse Hotel Holland Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The best transit stable nearby Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, clean , homely and quit atmosphere with all the facility's you need and the extra's you and your horse deserve. If you are with your horses; there are rooms available above the stable, with camera view on your horses! We can bring your horses to the Airport and leave your truck at our place , when you are going to a competition. We can arrange Heath certificates , pre export Isolation, Transport and Stabling, luxury rooms and apartment . You and your horses are welcome at Horse Hotel Holland!


Dawsonville NICOLAS D

Nicolas D stables offers pensions horses in stables of owners to the breast of new facilities located in the municipality of Uchaux. State diploma teacher offers to evolve with your horse/pony in a stable private giving you the opportunity to have followed a quality and personalized in a friendly setting. Out customizable ballads/walks work of horses breaking Pension horses competing horses are fed 3times a day (hay and adapted according to the equine granules) boxes are cleaned every day: several kinds of boxes are available: boxing wood with paddock (mat rubber to the interrieur of the boxing) boxing in hard 3m50x3m litter pellet wood (customizable litter according to the needs of the horse). In this type of boxing Board also includes a daily output of the horse to the paddock. within 10 minutes from the city centre of Orange and village neighbors, Piolenc, Mornas, Camaret, Sérignan and 20 minutes from Bollène pension boxes: o Pension Pony A to C 280 * o Pension horse 330 * o Pension work + €120 worked 2 days/week (loin or mounted) o Pension dressage or breaking + €180 worked 4 days/week o care especially € 5/day equines should be chips , regularly wormed, up-to-date with vaccinations *(Pension standard, ajustements personnalisables possible avec surcout) passengers: o Boxes for one night €15 o Boxes for a week €100 o Boxes for months 330 o passenger rider with his horse €25 / 1 hour classes: o federal license - 18 years €25 + 18 € 36 o individual 1 h €20 o rental career €15 /cavalier o 1 week: €70 / month or € 200 term o 2 h/week €120 / month or € 300 term o internship preparation of the gallops and reviews €80 o supervision in competiton €80 / day


Field of the Lusaka

Meadow rentals for horses in the Gironde's department (33). The area of the Lusaka, equestrian property, offers to rent a furnished cottage of type T2. You will be quiet in an equestrian property with the possibility to put your horse in pension or take a half on one of our horses to owners. Facilities: 12 hectares of meadow, show jumping arena (50 x 40 in sand lastik, lunging ring, grooming bay, individual or collective paddocks, many walk trails, river access, tack room, etc. Free wifi access. Supply linen and towels on request possible. Do not hesitate to book your stalls with us to benefit from a quality service.


Stable of the trill

We offer boxes of 12 m² with straw bedding or chips, traditional diet of hay exploitation and complete feed granulated and floconne (Steed Tradition). As well as individual paddocks and returned at night to the if necessary boxing. Upholstery available for owners to store their equipment. Free access to the career, the riding Hall and trails (GR7). We also have 5 guest rooms with the possibility to eat at the dinner table, all on booking: